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The Presidents of the United States of America
Roanoke, VA
May 30, 2003

(Under no circumstances may this be re-produced and used for monetary profit)

MD5 file for all SHN files
M3U file for all SHN files
Log file from Exact Audio Copy
01. Intro [ SHN file (17MB)] [MP3 file (3.3MB)]
02. Kick Out The Jams [ SHN file (14MB)] [MP3 file (2.6MB)]
03. Boll Weevil [ SHN file(27MB)] [MP3 file (5.9MB)]
04. Feather Pluck'n / Baby You're a Rich Man (Beatles) [ SHN file (30MB)] [MP3 file (6.6)]
05. Lunatic to Love [ SHN file (25MB)] [MP3 file (5.2)]
06. Jilted on the Tarmac By You [ SHN file (12MB)] [ MP3 file (2.6MB)]
07. Naked and Famous [featuring "The Angry Chef"] [ SHN file (30MB)][MP3 file (6.7MB)]
08. Lump [ SHN file (17MB)] [MP3 file (3.7MB)]
09. Dune Buggy [ SHN file (19MB)] [MP3 file (4.5MB)]
10. Back Porch [ SHN file (21MB)] [MP3 file (4.5MB)]
11. Froggie [ SHN file (29MB)] [MP3 file (6.3MB)]

12. Video Killed The Radio Star (Buggles) [ SHN file (23MB)] [ MP3 file (5.3MB)]
13. Kitty
[ SHN file (27MB)] [MP3 file (6.2MB)]
14. Mach 5 [ SHN file (23MB)] [MP3 file (4.6MB)]
15. Body [ SHN file (30MB)] [MP3 file (7.0MB)]
16. Some Postman is Grooving [ SHN file (21MB)] [ MP3 file (4.4MB)]
17. Peaches [ SHN file (21MB)] [MP3 file (4.3MB)]
18. Intermission/Annoying Disc Jockey Stuff/Stage Banter [ SHN file (10MB)] [MP3 file (2.4MB)]
19. Problem (Sex Pistols)
[ SHN file (13MB)] [ MP3 file (2.6MB)]
20. Highway Forever [featuring "The Angry Chef"]
[ SHN file (41MB)] [MP3 file (8.5MB)]
21. Candy [ SHN file (24MB)] [MP3 file (5.2MB)]
22. We're Not Going To Make It
[ SHN file (23MB)] [ MP3 file (4.4MB)]


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